Situated in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island a little station of France that packages nature’s ideal. Never an Island had so all around wore its name; Reunion Island, a social affair of normal pearls, culture and sensation. Marked as Intense Island, this French oversea division is to be found in some very phenomenal manners.

In the prime focus point of the island like on its coasts, nature is liberally uncovered. The fountain of liquid magma and different Pitons, Cirques and Remparts structure La Reunion National Park. This mosaic of biological systems covers in excess of a zone of in excess of 100,000 ha, in other words 40% of Reunion Island is named World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Much the same as her sister-island Mauritius, Reunion plays with the Tropic of Capricorn. A warm subtropical atmosphere sways the island about throughout the entire year. The microclimate in Reunion Island gives total opposites views and large number of exercises that should be possible. The west, north and southern shores of the island appreciate from a seriously bright atmosphere which agrees with the nearness of delightful stretches of sea shores. The east and internal district of the island anyway show a significant standing out condition from shady, stormy and breezy conditions.


In Reunion Island summer hits around November to April. During this period, water temperature is at its best in the tidal pond or cascades the same. These climate conditions likewise bring some rainstorm focused over brief periods.


Wintertime is described by cooler temperatures of 24 to 25°C on beach front locales while in the east and as we move inland and up, the thermometer can now and again drop to 0°C.

When to visit Reunion Island

Other than the regular changes, Reunion Island atmosphere changes can be recognized locally. Whenever split vertically, the west coast and the east coast present particular characteristics. This is significantly because of the breeze and the inward high pinnacles. The island can be weatherly isolated in two:

Leeward Coast: The west and northern coast offer bright and tropical atmosphere conditions with less precipitation than the:

Windward Coast: The southeast region of Reunion Island sets as cooler and rainier climatic weather as they’re situated toward the South East Trade Winds of the Indian Ocean .

Home to one of the world’s most dynamic volcanoes, snow-topped Piton de Fournaise, Réunion is a little-known pearl. This rough, French-represented island off the bank of East Africa is effortlessly investigated by Les Cars Jaunes, yellow transports that connect primary settlements. The street into the mountains gives stunning view. Bicycle visits on unpleasant byways are a possibility for the bold and the amazingly fit. Past the range of vehicles, the untamed town Cirque de Mafate shows the island’s most stunning side.

Regional area and Geography

Reunion Island lies in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern shore of Madagascar. At 970 square miles, (2,512 square kilometers), it is the biggest of the Mascarene islands. High fields separate two volcanic frameworks. Climatic varieties extend from sticky to dry tropical to Mediterranean. The greater part the land can’t for development. Intermittent violent winds can be decimating. The capital is Saint Denis.


In 1999, the populace was more than 717,000. It is hard to classify the populace by ethnic foundation, yet evaluates show that roughly 20% of the populace is of Indian family, and around five percent is conceived in territory France.

History and Ethnic Relations

Rise of the Nation

Found toward the start of the sixteenth century, the island was reached by the French in 1643. Reunion (at that point called Mascarin ) was without occupants. The French sent twelve convicts into oust there. In 1649 they authoritatively guaranteed the island for the sake of the lord and named it Bourbon . Colonization began in 1665, when the French East India Company sent the initial twenty pilgrims. After 1715, pilgrims created espresso and flavors, which at last were supplanted by sugarcane. In 1792, France renamed the island La Reunion.

The work power required on the sugarcane manors was provided by slaves from Mozambique and Madagascar.

The abrogation of servitude in 1848 drove white landowners to select obligated workers for their manors, especially Tamils. Most Tamils remained toward the finish of their five-year agreements and kept on working for the white landowners. When the new century rolled over, some Chinese and Muslim Gujaratis showed up to sell nourishment and materials. In 1946, Reunion got one of the four abroad branch of France, and it turned into a managerial locale in 1974.

Food and Economy

Essential Economy

The economy was generally founded on farming. During the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years, the most significant harvests were espresso and cloves and afterward sugarcane.

Significant Industries

The work power comprises of laborers in administrations (seventy-three percent), industry (nineteen percent), and farming (eight percent). Significant enterprises incorporate sugar, rum, crafted works, and blossom oil extraction.


The significant fares are sugar, rum vanilla, and aroma substances. Imported items incorporate fabricated merchandise, nourishment, drinks, tobacco, crude materials, apparatus and transportation gear, and oil based commodities. The economy relies upon monetary help from territory France, which is additionally the chief exchanging accomplice. Around 100,000 individuals conceived in Reunion work and live in terrain France. Monstrous importation of merchandise has prompted an enormous shortfall to be decided of exchange. The administration has elevated the travel industry to decrease joblessness, which influences in excess of 33% of the work power.

Political Life


The political framework is French. The agent of the French state is the official, who is designated by the French president. There are one general board and one provincial chamber, whose presidents are chosen by their individuals, that account improvement ventures. City chairmen are prominently chosen, alongside five delegates to the French National Assembly.

Social Problems and Control

The lawful framework is French. Crime and assault are moderately various and are carried out for the most part by men affected by liquor. Court decisions consider the social foundation of crooks.

Military Activity

Resistance is the duty of France. The military is missing in Reunion, and men serve their military terms in France.

Social Welfare and Change Programs

Since joblessness is a significant issue, state projects of social government assistance are significant. In excess of 60% of the populace gets government assistance benefits.


Strict Beliefs

The prevailing religion is Roman Catholicism, totaling eighty-six percent of the populace. Christianity was set up by the primary pilgrims. Albeit obligated agreements determined that a worker’s religion be regarded, the Catholic Church and the dictator organization endeavored to change over newcomers.

Medication and Health Care

In country regions, present day medication is supplemented by conventional nearby practices dependent on a blend of various convictions (Hindus, Christian, and Malagasy).

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