Colourful signs, flowers and creatures of Nisyros and Tilos

Fruit market

One of the things that really stood out to me on Nisyros (and to a lesser extent, on Tilos) were the beautiful hand-painted signs for the local businesses.  Some are in English, some are in Greek.  But you can almost usually figure out what is was for.

So whilst this isn’t a newsy post today, I’d just thought I’d share some photos with you.

IMG_1508 This was a gift shop selling locally made preserves, honey, olive oil, etc.

Gift shop selling preserves, jam, honey etc

A cake shop

Cake Shop

An art shop

Art shop

This one is for the Three Brothers Studios:


At first, I thought this might have been a small local library or book store, but someone caught me taking a photo and said it was an accountancy firm.  They thought it was funny that I wanted the photo.

Accounting firm

I’m not sure what these were for, but I’m sure you can make something up:




And then there were the restaurants:







This one is from Tilos (people from Tilos refer to themselves as Tilian, hence ‘”Tilian tavern)


The next two are from a night-club/music type place I came across when out on my scooter trip:

Night club


Not a sign obviously, but someone’s painted table outside their house, on the side of the street.


Wildflowers and wild creatures

The other thing that really struck me as I scootered around Nisyros were the beautiful wildflowers growing alongside the road and up the mountains.  They were bright, colourful and plentiful.  May is when the island is in full bloom so my timing was perfect.





There were a lot of these nasty thorny ones around as well….


…but even they had pretty flowers on them.


Check out the size of this dandelion:


And here are some of the little critters that I came across:




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2 Responses to Colourful signs, flowers and creatures of Nisyros and Tilos

  1. Angie says:

    Great photos… love the caterpillar!
    Sounds like you’ve been living the dream in the Greek Islands – just as well there’s Cappadocia to keep you travelling or you may never have left…. I’m sure you’ll be back though! 🙂

    • BusyLizzy says:

      Thanks, Ange. Greece really agreed with me (or vice versa?). Loved it and 3 weeks was not long enough. And you’re right, if I didn’t have bookings already in Cappadocia (and a daypack full of stuff left in Marmaris!) I would have spent another month there. Quite happily. I am looking at ways to go back either through house-sitting or via Workaway (work for your accom website) – my budget won’t extend far enough for Greece in the high season, unfortunately. Already had one offer but the dates didn’t work out.

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